Egyptian artist and contractor Mohamed Ali said that the Egyptian authorities have tried to lure him to her embassy in Madrid since the publication of the first video clip accusing Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi of corruption, stressing that his goal is to overthrow Sisi.

In an interview with the British media Middle East Eye, Mohammed Ali, the first to the media since his departure from Egypt, explained that Egyptian government mediators told him: "Officials are disturbed by what happened to you. Come to the embassy and let us sit together, "he said.

When asked whether he believed the fate of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was assassinated at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul a year ago, could have been met, Muhammad Ali was discreet.

The Egyptian contractor, who had previously complained about the failure of the Egyptian government to pay his company's dues for projects he implemented, said that those who tried to lure him used the money as a temptation to return him to his country.

"They told me they would give me my money and more, and they advised me to calm down and not to post more videos and not talk," he said.

The most famous Egyptian dissident now that attempts to muzzle him was not limited to bribery, pointing out that he lives under a constant threat of assassination.

"I received an incredible amount of threats," he said. "They tell me, 'We know where you are. We will find you someday.'

Ali said: I am not Spider Man. Anyone can hire a gang to kill me. I already know that I put my life at risk with my first video. "

EXCLUSIVE: Egyptian whistleblower @MohamedSecrets speaks to Middle East Eye in his first ever media interview.

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- Middle East Eye (@MiddleEastEye) October 15, 2019

Who supports it?
Speaking to the British website from a secret location in Spain where he and his family fled, Mohammed Ali said he worked completely independently and that he was not behind any organization or person, stressing that he did not belong to an opposition organization or dissident faction of the Egyptian army.

"If there was a group standing behind me, it would have helped me, rather than sitting here alone," he said.

Although Mohamed Ali denies having much support within the Egyptian security services, he told Middle East Eye that junior army officers sympathized with him.

"The junior officers who do not have the decision-making power, and who cannot change the situation, are in solidarity with me," he said, noting that some of them "expressed dissatisfaction with Sisi's administration."

Mohammed Ali said, however, that these officers could not speak, because they would face a military trial.

He said his army sympathizers had contacted him after he published his first video criticizing Sisi. "Then when the arrests began, they all disappeared."

Sisi Electronic Army
The Egyptian contractor told Middle East Eye that one of the real estate projects he worked on was a multi-storey building used by the Egyptian General Intelligence to house what he called the "Sisi Electronic Army," pointing out that the task of this army is to monitor social media.

"Sometimes I laugh because I built this for them and now they use it against me. Whenever I post something, they comment on it right away," said Mohamed Ali.

He pointed out that he believed that hundreds of staff working in the building, "some officers, but most of them are civilians."

Ali refused to apologize for his work during many years in the implementation of projects belonging to the army, and said he was not aware that "corruption is rampant within the army" in the early years of his work, and discovered this gradually.

The Egyptian artist and entrepreneur sent a letter to US President Donald Trump, who has already described Sisi as a "favorite dictator," saying: "So you are ready to meet a murderer and dictator, you do not care who he is .. You only care to receive money."

"Maybe we need to save some money," he said. "Then we can ask him to give up Sisi." But the Egyptian contractor vowed he would not stop until Sisi was removed from power.

With Egypt's economic downturn and government austerity measures, the Egyptian contractor's leaks of luxury palaces constructed by Sisi with public funds have been widely outraged.

Ali has caused a scandal and anger in Egypt since he began making videos in early September accusing Sisi and other senior officials of corruption.

Demonstrations took place on Friday 20 and 27 September, the most important challenge to the rule of Sisi in years.

The authorities met with a fresh crackdown on the opposition and arrested at least 3,000 people, including well-known activists, journalists and lawyers.