Al-Jazeera correspondent said that the Tunisian authorities decided to release presidential candidate Nabil Karoui, noting that the release came after accepting the appeal submitted by his defense.

According to the decision of the Court of Cassation, the release of the villager from his prison will be immediate, after accepting the comment provided by his lawyers this morning in form.

Originally, the court ruled that the contested decision was overturned without referral and overturned the decision of provisional arrest and the release of the detainee Nabil al-Qarawi from his prison.

The villager has been behind bars for more than a month, and came second in the first round of the presidential election while in prison, to compete with constitutional law professor Qais Saeed in the run-off on October 13.

The villager was arrested weeks before the elections on suspicion of tax evasion and money laundering in a case filed by the local organization "I am awake" three years ago.

The local and foreign organizations said that the villager did not have an equal opportunity in the first round, and was unable to go to his constituents in television debates, calling for giving him the right to contact his voters.

About a week ago, interim President Mohamed Nasser said that the status of jailed presidential candidate Nabil Karoui and his inability to communicate with his voters a week before the run-off would have serious repercussions on the credibility of the elections and on Tunisia's image.

Nasser added that he would continue to make efforts to find what he called an "honorable solution" to guarantee the right of villager to communicate with his voters, saying that the situation is "strange" and arousing interest and criticism in Tunisia and abroad.