The Minister of Action and Public Accounts, guest of the Grand Rendez-Vous Sunday on Europe 1, defended the management of the fire Lubrizol plant in Rouen.


Three days after the fire of a Lubrizol plant in Rouen, which resulted in soot fallout and pollution particles, the questions remain. Despite repeated communications from the government and the prefecture, critics have been rushing into the management of the incident. Guest of the Grand Rendez-Vous Sunday, on Europe 1, Gerald Darmanin responded to the accusations on the lack of transparency of the authorities.

"What is happening in Rouen is serious and the state intervened right away," he said. "Four ministers have moved", the "immediate closure of schools" has been decided and "institutional communications" have been made. "And at the same time we can understand a form of psychosis that has settled," admitted the minister. "What will have to be done is to publish all the studies and analyzes."

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