Demonstrations took place inside and outside Egypt calling for the departure of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. The Egyptian authorities turned the capital Cairo into a barracks to prevent anti-Sisi protesters from demonstrating.

Egyptian activists staged a sit-in in front of their country's embassy in Berlin to demand the departure of the Egyptian president. The activists raised slogans calling for the overthrow of the regime and condemned the authorities' repression against demonstrators in Egypt.

In Paris, Egyptians demonstrated in support of anti-Sisi demonstrations in Egypt. The demonstrators, representing a number of Egyptian associations in France, raised slogans calling on the Egyptian president to leave and demanding the fall of what he called the military rule.

They also called for tackling the spread of corruption, deteriorating living conditions, increasing arbitrary arrests and prosecution of lawyers and journalists. They also called for the accountability of all those involved in abuses against the Egyptian people and urged the international community and Western countries to stop supporting the Sisi regime.

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Parties and Upper
Inside Egypt, demonstrations took place in the suburb of Helwan, south of Cairo, on Friday evening in what was called "Friday of Salvation." Country and rampant corruption.

In the southern city of Luxor, demonstrations started calling for Sisi to step down in the streets of the city.In Qus, Qena governorate, the south of the country, a demonstration marched through the city's streets and demanded the departure of Sisi.The participants shouted slogans denouncing the situation and calling for the overthrow of the regime.

Cairo authorities block all streets leading to Tahrir Square to prevent anti-Sisi protests from reaching him (Anatolia)

security procedures
To prevent anti-regime demonstrations, security forces have closed since early morning on Friday the entrances to Tahrir Square in central Cairo, and have taken strict measures across the country as security forces deployed heavily in all fields of the capital and major cities.

Photos from the Google Maps application showed the closure of all streets, roads and bridges leading to Tahrir Square, most notably the 6th of October Bridge and the Nile Palace Bridge.

They also showed the closure of several streets in the Nasr City neighborhood of eastern Cairo, where supporters of Sisi gathered in the monument area under the protection of troops and police, the official news agency said many of them flocked from outside Cairo.

The Egyptian underground authority announced the closure of opera stations, Sadat, Nasser and Orabi downtown Cairo for maintenance.

Increasing arrests
The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights said Friday morning that the number of people arrested by the authorities in the past seven days has risen to 2,076, including politicians, lawyers, journalists and academics.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, called on the Egyptian authorities on Friday to "radically change" the way they deal with the demonstrations, calling for the immediate release of detainees who exercised their right to demonstrate.

Sisi supporters demonstrate in support of Nasr City east of Cairo (Reuters)

On the other hand, thousands gathered in a large courtyard in the area of ​​Nasr City, east of Cairo, holding Egyptian flags and banners carrying slogans in support of President Sisi.

The official MENA news agency said that "tens of thousands of citizens have finished the celebration of the podium in Nasr City in Nasr City in Cairo Governorate to declare support for President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in the face of rumors and lies echoed by supporters of the terrorist organization."