• Europol-Interpol Report: 800,000 migrants ready to leave Libya for Europe
  • Terrorism, 'Guardian': according to Interpol 50 ISIS militiamen have landed in Italy
  • Guardian: Interpol, 173 ISIS suicide bombers ready to attack in Europe


September 27, 2019 One new investigation, of which over 12 related to the movement of suspected terrorists. It is the result of the 'Neptune II' operation organized by the Interpol General Secretariat of Lyon and coordinated for Italy by the SCIP - Service for International Police Cooperation of the Central Directorate of Criminal Police. Between 24 July and 8 September in the Mediterranean basin, the operation focused on the threats put in place by suspected terrorists and possible entry into Europe through maritime connections from South Africa during the high tourist season. Supported by an Interpol team in the field, police officers, in 7 ports of the six participating nations, Italy, Algeria, France, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia, carried out over 1.2 million interrogation-searches and feedback on the Interpol databases, specialized in stolen or lost travel documents, data on criminals and stolen vehicles, through the worldwide network of protected communication "I-24/7". For Italy, the controls involved the ports of Genoa and Palermo and were also monitored through the SOI - Criminalpol International SalaOperativa.