Anger of anger and tears 16 years old Do you know Greta? September 24, 17:16

“You speak only a fairy tale about money and everlasting economic growth.” Sweden's 16-year-old who accused representatives of each country in a strong tone at the United Nations Global Warming Prevention Summit Greta Toonberg. In just over a year, I was invited to the United Nations Global Warming Summit. Do you know Greta who knew about global warming when she was 8 years old?

August 2018 Sit-in started by one person

High school student Greta Toonberg took a leave of school every Friday last August, sat down in front of the Swedish Parliament, and started activities to appeal to global warming countermeasures alone.

This activity was called sympathy of young people all over the world on SNS, #Fridays For Future = Friday for the future.

Greta learned about global warming when she was eight years old. It is said that the countries of the world had a sense of crisis if they could not cope with the progress of global warming. And I started my activities thinking that “warming is worse than skipping school”.

Activities started by just one person spread quickly and are invited to many meetings and gatherings across the border.

December 2018 `` Stealing the future of children ''

In December of last year, I was invited to the “COP24” conference on global warming countermeasures held in Poland. In his speech, he said, "Adults are taking their children's future while saying they love their children more than anyone else." With this speech, Greta's activities will be widely known throughout the world.

A Norwegian parliamentarian revealed that he recommended Mr. Greta as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

February 2019 “Waste valuable study time?”

There were criticisms of taking a break from school, but at the EU = European Union conference on 21 February.

“You may be told that you're wasting valuable study time, but politicians have been wasting the last few decades without doing anything. We can't stop working on solving the problem of global warming. "I told my determination."

March 2019 Young people act in 120 countries around the world

March 15th. Young people who sympathized with Greta's call gave demonstrations calling for countermeasures against global warming in more than 120 countries and regions including Japan, Europe, America, and Asia.

About 29,000 people gathered in Paris, and a 16-year-old male high school student complained that "we younger generations must move for their future to protect the earth." Greta himself participated in the demonstration in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and called for “continuing activities for their future”.

May 2019 Invited to Global Warming Summit

On May 28, the UN Special Secretary-General De Alba announced at a press conference that Gretta was invited to a high-level meeting to be held at the UN General Assembly in September.

July 2019 “Award for“ Friday for the Future ””

On July 21, he was invited to the Normandy region of northwestern France and received the “Freedom Award” to recognize individuals and organizations that contributed to peace.

At the ceremony, Greta said, “This award was given not only to me but also to 'Friday for the Future.' Let's work together. Our movement has just begun and the changes that are sought can still occur. I have to keep exercising. ”

July 2019 "I will go to NY on a yacht!"

Greta tries not to use airplanes to emit greenhouse gases. When I gave a speech at the EU Parliament and when I worshiped the Pope, I moved by rail, saying, “I don't take a plane because of the environment. It takes time, but it is worth it.”

Greta was invited to the United Nations Global Warming Summit and was considering transportation. On July 29, we wrote to our Twitter “Good news. I will participate in the United Nations Global Warming Summit in New York” and announced that we will be on the yacht of the Monaco race team and will cross the Atlantic Ocean.

August 2019 Summer vacation "There are still many things to do"

On August 5, more than 450 high school students and college students, who supported Greta's activities, gathered in Lausanne, western Switzerland, using the summer vacation. Greta also participated.

“A lot has happened last year, but it hasn't led to a reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions. There is still much to do. (About being invited to the September Global Warming Summit) It is an opportunity to prove that the person heard our voice and heard the voice of science. ''

August 2019 200 people greet NY

On August 14th, Greta departed by yacht from the southern port of England for New York. “I have seasickness and many challenges, but I ’ll do it.”

We crossed the Atlantic Ocean for about two weeks while providing the necessary power with solar panels, and arrived at Manhattan Pier on the 28th.

About 200 people greeted and a 17-year-old man welcomed, “I could n’t imagine the actions she took would be such a big wave. I think it will spread. "

September 2019 "Participate in the next opportunity"

Greta arrives in New York and continues to work actively before the UN General Assembly.

On September 13, the usual Friday, we held a meeting with local high school students in the capital Washington. Greta used to call “Thank you for acting with me. Please join me at the next opportunity”.

September 2019 Received "Ambassador of Conscience"

Received the “Ambassador of Conscience” award from the international human rights organization “Amnesty International” for those who have been active in protecting human rights. At the award ceremony on the 16th, the world's greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase. Now is the time to act. Everyone has the power to make a change. Was wrapped in great applause.

September 2019 President Obama “Changing the World”

On September 18th, Mr. Obama met with President Obama and asked Mr. Obama, “You ’re changing the world.” Greta said, “Young people are all enthusiastic. It can influence and change. ”

On that day, I also attended a hearing at the House of Representatives and appealed.
“Listen to the voices of scientists, not my words. I want everyone to unite and act under science.”

September 2019 4 million people in 150 countries around the world

On September 21, demonstrations were held all over the world to appeal to global warming countermeasures led by young people in front of the United Nations Global Warming Prevention Summit.

In New York, Berlin, etc., there are hundreds of thousands of participants, and the organizers say that there are more than 4 million demonstrations worldwide, making it the largest ever demonstration of global warming countermeasures.

Greta also appealed at a New York demonstration.
“We just don't want to be on the sidelines. We are united in science. We want to wake up the world leaders and take action! We have the right to a safe future!”

In this demonstration, the New York City Department of Education took the extraordinary response to allow more than 1 million public school students and students to take time off from school to participate in a demonstration of global warming countermeasures.

September 2019 Global Warming Countermeasures Summons of anger and tears

On September 23, at the United Nations Global Warming Summit, Greta addressed representatives from each country.

“What I want to tell you is that we are looking at you. Everything is wrong in the first place. I shouldn't be here. You should go, "says Greta. "Every future generation's eyes are on you. If you betray us, you will never forgive me."

Will the appeal reach President Trump ...

President Trump, who is known for being skeptical about global warming countermeasures, did not plan to attend the Global Warming Summit at first, but suddenly appeared and surprised the surroundings. I left the seat in about 15 minutes and did not speak. I didn't listen to Greta's speech at the venue.

Motivation to fight global warming

The momentum for global warming countermeasures has never been greater. 16-year-old Greta Toonberg was the trigger.

In December, we plan to participate in COP25, a global warming countermeasure meeting held in Chile, South America.

The full text of Greta's speech at the United Nations Global Warming Prevention Summit is also posted. Please read it together (link to related news below).