Shoujo Ueno Ryusei St. Sept. 23:22 on September 23, not the first female win

Ai Umi who went to the final for the first time as a female player in Go, who entered the finals in the final match, and went to the final of the Ryusei game on the night of 23rd. did.

17-year-old Ueno Ryusei Seiki went to the single-player final tournament as a female warrior in the “Ryusei game” of the TV game, and won three finals against male powerhouses so far and went to the final in Tokyo on the evening of 23rd. It was.

The opponent is the winner of this last year's samurai battle and the top player who has challenged the seven major titles five times so far.

Mr. Ueno, the black player, gained the advantage that he was about to win, but after that he retired at around 10:00 pm and won the first prize.

According to Nihon Gin-in, Ueno was the first female fighter who advanced to the top four in the Go game, which is qualified for all heroes, and this time, the record was updated to “final advance”. Did not take one more step.