UAE astronaut Hazza al-Mansouri said his dream of reaching space began in the fourth grade when he saw the image of the first Arab astronaut in the fourth-grade Arabic book, Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz.

"I remember the moment when I dreamed of seeing myself coming to the same place," he said in media statements. "It was the beginning of my spark that made me contemplate the most stars, and dream of reaching it one day."

He continued: «My dream is achieved today, and God willing, I am as confident as the leadership of the UAE has given me, and the whole world is proud of us».

Al-Mansouri pointed out that he thought that realizing his dream of being an astronaut, who accompanied him throughout his life, was impossible, but he is now a step away from achieving the Emirati dream.``I have been an Air Force war pilot for years. “Now I am more close than ever to embrace my dreams, realize the Emirati dream, and embark on space.”

Al-Mansouri had posted on Instagram a photo of the Soyuz vehicle. "We completed the second inspection of the Soyuz vehicle four days before the launch of the International Space Station," he said.

The main team for the September 25 mission, which includes Emirati Hazza Al Mansouri, Russian, Oleg Skriposchka and American Jessica Mir, is scheduled to fly to the International Space Station on Wednesday. The launch will take place at 5:56 pm UAE time.

UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi, a member of the alternative team for the September 25 mission, which also includes astronauts Sergey Rezikov and Thomas Marshburn, said: “I never imagined being one of the first astronauts in the UAE. The question since childhood is what is behind the atmosphere of the globe, stressing that «an extension of our ancestors who have studied astronomy and stars for several centuries, and now it is our turn to explore space, and raise the flag of the United Arab Emirates on the International Space Station, we are ambassadors of the homeland and we hope to accomplish this "The job is perfect."

He pointed out that his practice of jujitsu contributed to his success in the recent tests, and did not find any difficulty in passing the tests, and he is waiting for the moment to complete the task to fly the UAE flag in space.

As part of the pre-launch arrangements for the International Space Station (ISS) on Wednesday, September 25, in the tradition of the astronauts aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS), the UAE astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri planted a few days ago. A tree in the Astronaut Park Pass, Baikonur Space Center.

This is part of the traditions of astronauts who leave for space for the first time.This tradition dates back to 1961, when Yuri Gagarin, the first man to go into space, planted a tree before the flight, and since then astronauts made this tradition before their first flights.

Emirates Astronauts

The mission of the first Emirati astronaut to the International Space Station, within the program «Emirates Astronauts», which is supervised by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, and is the first integrated program in the Arab region, working on the preparation of national cadres participating in manned space flights, for scientific missions Different parts become part of the research carried out by the international scientific community, in order to devise solutions to many challenges.

Hazza Al Mansouri:

"My dream comes true, and, God willing, I will be as confident as the leadership of the UAE has given me."

Sultan Al Neyadi

“I couldn't imagine being one of the first astronauts in the UAE.”