Three ceremonies, such as the “Ceremony of the Honorable Court”

The government decided at a cabinet meeting on the 20th that the Emperor's Majesty next month will be held as a national act as stipulated by the Constitution, a ceremonial ceremony and a celebration parade, and a ceremonial ceremony.

It was decided to do as a national act of the ceremonies that the Emperor declares the throne to be in and out of the ceremonies, the ceremonial ceremonial ceremony, the celebration parade ceremonies, and the banquet ceremonies. There are three. In addition, a cabinet notification regarding “details” that established detailed procedures for each ritual was also decided.

Among them, the “Imperial Religion Ceremony” will be held at 1pm on the 22nd of next month at the Imperial Palace / Place “Matsuma”, the Prime Minister, the Chairman of the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court Chief, Approximately 2500 people, including ambassadors, will attend.

Following the previous replacement for Heisei, the Prime Minister said that the Emperor's majesty went up to the “High Goes” that were used in the ceremonies of the Emperor's throne, etc. After that, the attendees chanting the ancestors with the voice of the Prime Minister.

Last time, Prime Minister Kaifu, based on the principle of national democracy of the constitution, uttered all three choruses in the “Matsuma” instead of the lower garden, and this time it will be held in the same way.

On the same day, the “Greetings for the Celebration”, the Empress Emperor leaves the Imperial Palace at 3:30 pm and travels to the Akasaka Imperial Palace where he lives for approximately 30 minutes.

The “Feast Ceremony” will be held four times on the 22nd, 25th, 29th and 31st of next month, reducing the number of times since the replacement of Heisei, taking into account the burden of both men.