Special scam group indicator or gang members arrested September 20, 11:54

A gang member was arrested for being involved as an indicator in a special fraud case in which an elderly person was tricked with 2 million yen in cash. The Metropolitan Police Department looked for offices in Tokyo in the suspicion that gangsters were systematically involved.

Arrested by Ryogo Akita (32), a gang member of the Sumiyoshikai “Kohei family”.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, in October of last year, there was a suspicion that he directed a special fraud group that Mizukazu put together to make a lie call to a woman in his 70s in Gifu and tricked 2 million cash.

The Metropolitan Police Department looked for the office of the Kohei Family in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo on the morning of the 20th when it was suspected that the gangs they belonged to were systematically involved.

For this group, 4 people including the on-site organizer and cash receiving officer have already been arrested and prosecuted, and just about 4 million elderly people from Niigata and Fukui Prefectures have been tricked. It was that.

Akita is silent about the investigation.