Measure order to mail order company without ground based on “underwear that can only be thinned out” 18:35 on September 20

Even though there is no reason to support the effect, the Consumer Affairs Agency asks the Tokyo mail order company not to display the label, even though it sells women's underwear by advertising that it can be thinned with just a boil. A measure order was issued.

The mail order company “Trust” in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo received the order for measures.

According to the Consumer Affairs Agency, this company sells two types of women's underwear, “Venus Curve” and “Venus Walk”. It ’s just that you ’ve been promoting your diet to have a diet effect.

When the Consumer Affairs Agency asked the company to provide materials on this, there was no rational basis to support the effect, and all the opinions of buyers introduced on the website were fictitious is.

In response to the survey, the company explained that it had referred to advertisements for similar products from other companies without knowledge of the law.

For this reason, the Consumer Affairs Agency has issued an order to cancel these indications and prevent recurrence based on the prize labeling law.

According to the Consumer Affairs Agency, since May last year, there have been about 300 consultations at consumer centers throughout the country that these two products are ineffective.