Chinese base fraud group

In an incident in which a Chinese-based fraud group was detected, it was found through interviews with investigators that the members who made fraudulent calls were gathered widely using Internet bulletin boards. The Metropolitan Police Department is trying to illicit more money by increasing the number of members, and is working to elucidate the reality of the organization.

Susumu Nishiya (44), who seems to be a sub-leader of a fraud group based in a condominium in Jilin Province, China, said he made a lie call to a woman in her 70s in Nagoya and cheated three cash cards. , Suspected of fraud.

Nishiya had the role of soliciting "Kakeko" to make fraudulent calls, but not only invited acquaintances to utter, but also used the Internet bulletin board to collect "Kakeko" widely I found out from interviews with investigators.

On the Internet bulletin board, they were soliciting "high income work" and "monthly salary of 3 million yen or more".

The group is expected to reach 50 people as a whole, but the Metropolitan Police Department is trying to further increase the number of “Kakeko” and devote a lot of money.