Expansion of welfare pension application Abolition of company-scale conditions

Over the expansion of the application of the Employees' Pension to short-time workers working in part-time, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's round-table conference summarizes the proposals and considers the companies that bear insurance premiums, while also considering the conditions of the enterprise scale to be applied It is a content that demands application expansion, such as abolition.

A round-table conference of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, created by economic organizations and federations, discussed whether or not the scope of application should be expanded in order to further promote the participation of short-time workers working in the part, etc. .

Currently, the conditions for joining the Employees' Pension for short-time workers are those who work for more than 20 hours a week at a company with more than 501 employees and have a monthly income of more than 88,000 yen.

The proposal suggests that the conditions of the company scale should be abolished, saying, “It is irrational that the handling differs depending on the scale”.

On top of that, as work styles diversify, reexamining the scope of application is “a request of the times” and we are seeking to expand its application.

On the other hand, as companies pay half of their insurance premiums, they point out that it is necessary to consider and support measures that will not increase the burden on companies.

We also require careful consideration for alleviating working hours and monthly income requirements.

The proposed proposal will be compiled at the 20th meeting and will be reflected in the Social Security Council discussion next week.