Father of arrested on suspicion of abandonment of boy's body

On the 18th, a 32-year-old father was arrested on suspicion of abandoning a boy's body in a case where a boy in a 4th grade was found murdered in a housing complex in Saitama City. The police have decided to make a full-fledged investigation of the detailed motives, etc., because they have made statements that alleged killing.

Before 1 am on the 18th, in a housing complex in Minuma-ku, Saitama City, it was found that Shindo Shin-kun (9), a fourth grader living in this house, was strangled and killed.

Tsuji-kun was found in a space called a “meter box” that houses a water meter in front of his house. Did.

When I checked the video of the security camera, I found that Tsuji-kun did not go out of the premises after returning home from school.

In response to the investigation, he stated that he hid it so that it could not be found, and hinted at the killing.

The suspect Shindo was living with three of his mother's remarriage partner, and the police decided to investigate in detail the detailed motives and living conditions.