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Temperatures reached absolute records in June and July in France. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP

According to a report from the Ministry of Health released this Sunday, September 8, the heat waves of this summer have resulted in less than 1,500 additional deaths.

Two months after the intense heat waves that struck France, the time is in the balance sheet. And the numbers are precise. The first wave of heat in June resulted in 567 additional deaths and the second in July, 868. Or 1,435 deaths and a "relative surmotality of 9.1%" compared to normal, detailed the French Ministry of Health which is based on the calculations of Public Health France.

Despite absolute heat records , with thermometers up to 42 degrees in Paris and 46 in the Hérault, this is ten times lower than 16 years ago, during the deadly heat wave of 2003. Fifteen a thousand people had died between August 4th and 18th.

" We have succeeded thanks to the prevention and these messages that the population has integrated to reduce by a factor 10 the mortality of 2003, " said Minister Agnès Buzyn, welcoming the mobilization of health professionals and care, communities, associations, EHPAD staff.

" Of these 1,500 more deaths, about half are people over 75, but there are also adults, even the youngest, who have been impacted, " said Agnès Buzyn, mentioning " a dozen deaths in the world of work ". Evidence that prevention needs to be further improved in the most exposed sectors of activity, such as building, catering and agriculture.