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NHK News Focusing on the progress of discussions on constitutional amendments


In the Liberal Democratic Party's board of directors, Prime Minister Abe wants to strengthen the system to advance discussions on the amendment of the Constitution ...

Liberal Officers Personnel Personnel Focus on the Constitutional Reform Discussion Focus on Chairman, etc. September 7 5:15


In the Liberal Democratic Party's board of directors, Prime Minister Abe hopes to strengthen the system to advance discussions on the constitutional amendment, and finally the top general affairs chairman of the organization that deliberates the amendment proposal, and the head of the constitutional amendment promotion headquarters. One of the focal points.

Prime Minister Abe, who finished the Japan-Russia summit meeting in Vladivostok in the Russian Far East, returned to Japan on the 6th, and met with the representative of the Komei Party, Yamaguchi, about the remodeling of the cabinet on the 11th of next week.

Mr. Yamaguchi told the party's request in terms of ministerial personnel, etc., whereas Prime Minister Abe said that he “accepted”.

The Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ishii who has entered the cabinet from the Komeito Party has been in office for a long period of about four years, so there are calls for change from within the party, and adjustments are expected in the future.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Abe stated that the constitutional amendment was won in the previous House of Councilors election, saying that “at least the discussion should be discussed by the public,” and the Liberal Democratic Party to be held in conjunction with the cabinet reshuffle. I would like to strengthen my position toward the progress of discussions on revisions in the Diet.

For this reason, among the remaining executive personnel, the decision-making body of the party that will finally deliberate the revised bill, the general affairs chairman who is the head of the general affairs committee, and the head of the Constitutional Reform Promotion Headquarters that organizes the draft will be one of the focus.

Source: nhk

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