It has now been over a year since hundreds of cars were brandished in several areas in Gothenburg and in Trollhättan. Today, the prosecutor has filed a lawsuit concerning serious injury and violent riots, as well as assistance with serious injury.

- The most crucial thing was that we got DNA hits on the spot. It was found on various cars and also on some of the material used for the damage, says Mats Ihlbom.

A long investigation has led to the fact that now six teenagers and young men are being prosecuted. Three of these are prosecuted for serious damage and violent riots. According to the indictment, the suspects have burned and broken a large number of cars. The other three are prosecuted for assisting in serious damage, among other things for the prosecutor claiming to have made fire bombs.

May have to pay millions in damages

It burned in several places in Gothenburg, but the prosecution only concerns the fires around Frölunda square where most cars burned. According to the prosecution, it is about damage to cars for millions of kronor. The suspected persons are now required to pay more than SEK 2.4 million in damages.

You did not find DNA traces that connected everyone to the site, what binds the others to this event?

Here they light a fire on several cars in Västra Frölunda.

- It has been through, among other things, telephone analyzes and some identification of people with the help of area police, says Mats Ihlbom.

Mentioned videos not useful as evidence

The film and picture material that has received a lot of attention in the media and social media cannot be used as evidence. The people in the pictures were masked. However, the prosecutor believes there is evidence that it was a planned act through the movie clip that was sent to Expressen after the fires.

- We have a huge video material that we have reviewed, but at the individual level it has not helped us much. However, we have been able to get an idea of ​​the course of events.

Exact motives for the fires around Frölunda square and connections to the other fires that evening have been difficult to determine. By contrast, the fires have, according to the prosecution, been coordinated and well-planned and of a particularly ruthless nature.

All persons refuse a crime.