The trade war between the United States and China is threatening the future of technology giant Apple, which will have to increase the price of some of its products over the weekend because of Trump's tariffs on Chinese products, according to a report published by Bloomberg.

Trump's 15 percent tariff on Chinese commercial products officially entered into force on Friday and will be imposed on hundreds of products entering the United States by the end of this week.

The site is likely to lead to new tariffs to increase the prices of many of the company's products, especially devices and tools, which are very popular with consumers.

The site listed a list of devices that will be subject to tariffs starting from the end of this week, including Apple Watch, iMac computers and iPhone spare parts.

He explained that the new tariff will be applied to iPhones, which contribute more than half of the company's revenues, by December. He predicted that tariffs imposed on Apple products will lead to a decline in the price of its shares in international markets.

The site quoted US economist Jean Monster, that adding America tariffs to any Apple product without taking measures to mitigate the negative impact of those fees is an overriding of the company.

According to the website, the indicators do not suggest that Trump will review the decision to impose tariffs on Chinese products, especially in light of the accusation of US companies inability to deal with trade policy, which he said is aimed at controlling "unfair (commercial) players."