Tokyo market at the beginning of the week For the development of rough weather Nikkei average temporary 500 yen super low August 26 17:43

Due to concerns that the conflict between the United States and China over trade would become even more intense, the Tokyo stock market on the 26th had a Nikkei average price drop of more than 500 yen at one time. The foreign exchange market and the bond market are also experiencing significant fluctuations, and the Tokyo market at the beginning of the week has been stormy.

The Tokyo stock market on the 26th day of the week began to show a weakening immediately after the start of trading, and the decline in the Nikkei Stock Average exceeded 500 yen at one time.

After that, there were few buy orders, and stocks of 90% or more fell, and the closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average was 22,261.44 yen, which was 449.87 yen lower than last weekend.

Last weekend, the US and China announced a series of tariff increases and increases over trade, raising concerns among investors that the conflict between the two countries would become even more intense.

For this reason, movements to avoid risks spread in other financial markets on the 26th, and the yen exchange rate is 104 yen for the first time in about seven and a half months in the morning due to selling dollars and buying yen in the foreign exchange market. The yen's appreciation against the dollar progressed to the table.

In the bond market, Japanese government bonds, which are considered to be relatively safe, were bought, and the long-term interest rate fell to minus 0.285%, which was close to the record low.

“The stock market and the financial market as a whole are very nervous about movements in the United States and China. For the time being, the developments that are being swayed by movements in both countries will continue,” the market official said.