Possibility of crime in outer space for the first time on August 25 at 14:49

The American media reported that NASA is examining the suspicion that a female astronaut had illegally accessed a partner's bank account from the International Space Station, saying, “First ever in space. "The possibility of becoming a criminal offense" is attracting attention.

NASA's Anne McLain, who stayed at the International Space Station for 24 months, until June, illegally accessed the bank account of a same-sex partner from outer space. He said that NASA was investigating as suspicious.

When the partner noticed the suspicious browsing history of the account and contacted the bank, it was found that there was an access from a NASA computer, and he filed a complaint with NASA.

The local media reported that there was a problem related to custody of the partner's children in the background, and introduced McLain's lawyer “I tried to check if there was enough balance to raise children”.

In addition, aviator McClain argued on Twitter that "the claim is clearly not true" and said, "I want to refrain from commenting until the investigation is complete."

The American media reported that “it may be the first crime in space that has ever occurred”, and the whereabouts of the investigation is drawing attention.