Liberal Democratic Party Aori Driving To examine measures such as strengthening penal regulations August 25 10:58

The LDP has begun to consider measures for deterring drive operations, including strengthening penalties, as vicious drive operations continue.

On 10th of this month, a 43-year-old man was arrested for driving a car on the Joban Expressway in Ibaraki Prefecture, stopping the car, scolding the face of the person who was driving, and getting injured. Naoriori is driving one after another.

In response, the Liberal Democratic Party opened a special committee on traffic safety measures on the 27th, and began to consider measures to deter driving.

The committee wants to make proposals to the government after listening to the enforcement situation from the National Police Agency, etc., examining stricter penalties and promoting the spread of drive recorders.

In addition to strengthening crackdowns, including the application of criminal law, prompt administrative actions such as suspension or cancellation of driver's licenses are being promoted, but victims are calling for further punishment. .