G7 Summit August 24th 9:19

The G7 Summit is a summit of the seven major countries. It is an international conference held annually with the participation of the seven leaders of France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Canada, as well as the leaders of the European Union. After the end of the Cold War, Russia joined and was held as a G8 summit. However, following the consolidation of Crimea in southern Ukraine, it has been held again since 2014 as a G7 summit excluding Russia. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, although there is no official definition, “G7” generally means Group of Seven in English as a collective term for the seven countries attending the summit.

What is the G7 Summit Declaration?

At the G7 Summit, in order to promote a cooperative attitude to the international community, the results of discussions are compiled annually as summit declarations.

Each country's agreement is required to issue a summit declaration, but it has been announced every time since the summit began in 1975.

G7 Previous summit declaration

The summit declaration adopted at the G7 Summit has shown unity among the seven major countries and has played a leading role in maintaining the post-war international order.

At the 1979 summit declaration held for the first time in Tokyo, an agreement was announced with specific figures on the upper limit of oil consumption and imports in response to the oil crisis.

At the summit held in Munich, Germany, attended by Prime Minister Miyazawa in 1992, there was a “Political Declaration” calling on the world for cooperation toward the “formation of a new partnership” following the end of the Cold War structure. It has been issued.

The 2014 Brussels Summit was opened after Russia unilaterally incorporated Crimea in southern Ukraine.

The summit accused Russia of infringement and called for self-restraint as it was prepared to further strengthen sanctions against Russia if necessary.

The Elmaus Summit in Germany in 2015 expressed concern about tensions in the East and South China Seas while avoiding naming China, saying `` any unilateral action that attempts to change the status quo, including large-scale land reclamation. The leaders' declaration was also announced.

However, at the Charlevoix Summit held in Canada last year, confrontation between President Trump and other leaders over the trade issue became clear, adjustment was difficult, and the finally announced “Declaration of Leaders” , Expressed the idea that President Trump would not accept.