GSOMIA Destroyed Defense Minister Iwaya “I ca n’t forgive disappointment and encourage Korea to reconsider” August 23, 11:11


Regarding Korea's decision to abandon the Comprehensive Military Information Protection Agreement = “GSOMIA”, Defense Minister Iwaya criticized that the local security environment was completely misunderstood, and disappointment cannot be forbidden. The idea of ​​wanting to encourage rethinking was shown.

As the relations between Japan and South Korea deteriorated, the Korean government announced on the 22nd that it decided to destroy the military information comprehensive protection agreement = “GSOMIA” without extending it.

On this morning, Defense Minister Iwaya told reporters in the morning of the defense ministry, “As North Korea repeatedly fired missiles, it was a response that completely misunderstood the security environment in the current region, and could be disappointed. It ’s extremely regrettable. ”

In addition, Mr. Iwaya said, “We have exchanged useful information from both sides regarding the incidents of North Korea that have passed through one after another. To ensure the safety of Japan, we will do everything possible based on Japan-US relations. "I would like to see the future", and emphasized the idea of ​​working closely with the United States so that Japan's security would not be affected.

“The cooperation between Japan, South Korea and the United States and Korea continues to be important, so we will urge the Korean side to reconsider and wisely respond.”