Makuhari Messe cannot be used at the Olympics, and the usual event cancellation will also be 16:59 on August 22

Makuhari Messe in Chiba City, one of the largest facilities in Japan with an event hall and international conference hall, will be used for a long period of time and will be used for a long time. The influence has spread, such as being forced.

Makuhari Messe in Mihama-ku, Chiba City will hold seven competitions, including wrestling, fencing and taekwondo in the Tokyo Olympics, and four competitions in wheelchair fencing, taekwondo, goalball and sitting volleyball at the Paralympics.

The Makuhari Messe, including this preparation and removal period, will be restricted to most of the facilities for the next five months from April 21 to September 20 next year.

As a result, the annual music event “Summer Sonic Tokyo” with more than 150,000 participants decided to cancel next year, and how the elementary and junior high school and high school students in Chiba compete for marching skills next year. I haven't decided yet.

In addition, the organizers of about 300 events held at this time of the year are forced to respond by moving the venue outside the prefecture.

On the other hand, there are a number of plans for the construction and expansion of new exhibition halls in various places such as Aichi Prefecture in Japan, and there are also concerns about leaving Makuhari Messe users.

The efforts of Chiba and other prefectures are attracting attention as a result of the hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to further enhance brand power and attract event organizers and spectators after the competition.

Next year's policy

“Chiba Marching Contest” and “Chiba Elementary School Band Festival” are held at Makuhari Messe in August every year since 14 years ago, where the brass clubs of elementary and junior high schools in Chiba compete for the results of daily practice. It is.

About 2,000 children and students participate, and it is not possible to shift the time in an important tournament that also serves as the qualifying for the East Kanto region conference that leads to the national convention.

However, the venue for Makuhari Messe has not been found yet, and the policy for next year has not been decided.

A 5th grade elementary school girl who participated in the tournament said, “I didn't know I couldn't use it next year. I would like many people to listen to the performance like Makuhari Messe.”

A second-year high school girl said, “It is a shame because this tournament has a strong image of Makuhari Messe.

The sponsored Chiba brass band is also considering reducing the number of spectators to a small venue.

Takashi Aikawa, President, says, “For children, it is a place where one year's efforts can be blossomed.

"Summer Sonic Tokyo" is canceled

Also, the pioneer of urban music events with more than 150,000 people participating, “Summer Sonic Tokyo” has been held at Makuhari Messe since 2001. We decided to cancel next year because it would shift from the “urban” concept, which would be convenient and easy to participate if changed.

A female university student in Saitama Prefecture who visited the event said, “I like this atmosphere and wanted to come again next year,” said a male office worker who lives in Tokyo. "

Place and time shifting events

In addition, “Pet Expo” held during the large holiday in May will be held next year in Shizuoka City, and “DIY Show” held in August will be held in November. The organizers are worried that the number of visitors and profits will drop next year.

Governor Morita “I want to negotiate to reduce the impact”

Chiba Prefecture, the largest shareholder of the management company of Makuhari Messe, is unable to shorten the period of restriction of use, or has been in discussions with the organizing committee of the convention, so that it can attract small and medium-sized events with a short preparation period. I want to adjust. Governor Morita said at the press conference on the 22nd, "If you let the Organizing Committee say, 'You told me to invite you to Chiba Prefecture. What do you mean to shorten it this time?" I know that I am selfish, but events other than the Olympic and Paralympic Games are important for Chiba Prefecture, so I would like to negotiate persistently to reduce the impact. "

Also, to the organizers who decided to cancel or change next year's event, “We have the know-how and trust we have accumulated, so we will ask you to use it again after the tournament. I wanted to do it. "