Suspected assault after driving and sending documents to the resident office Osaka August 22 19:07

In January, the resident of the temple, who was driving a passenger car on the road in Sakai City, Osaka, performed “oriori driving” to repeat the brakes suddenly for the following car, then got out of the car and the driver The police sent the documents on suspicion of the assault as they grabbed the storehouse.

The documents were sent to a 61-year-old resident at a temple in Matsubara, Osaka.

According to the police, in January, the priest was driving a passenger car in Kita-ku, Sakai City, and repeatedly braked lightly on a light vehicle driven by a man in his 30s in Osaka city. In addition, there is a suspicion of assault for getting off the car and grabbing the man's chest when stopping at the traffic light.
There was no injury to the man.

A male car's drive recorder records how a priest's passenger car that came out on the road from a parking lot of a restaurant repeatedly brakes suddenly for nearly 500 meters, or the priest opened the door and shouted something It is.

The priest admitted to the police investigation that he was in the middle of going around the Dan family, “I wasn't suddenly interrupted, but I was pissed off from behind. I grabbed Asakura. "I'm sorry for the act of having gone too far".

Resident “Dangerous driving has been done by the other party”

The resident, who was sent out the documents, told NHK's telephone interview about the background.

As for the reason why the priests repeatedly braked suddenly in front of the following car in this, "When I entered the main line, the following car was passing by light even though there was a distance of about 50 meters. I was in a dangerous act and wanted to ask, “Why do I do this?”, So I decided to stop. ”

As for having grasped the driver's chest, he says, “I'm reflecting on it,” while “Dangerous driving is what the other party has done in the first place. Everyone makes mistakes. It doesn't matter whether or not. "

Damaged vehicle drive recorder

The image of the drive recorder of the damaged car records how the priest ’s car repeatedly brakes suddenly and the priest ’s car gets out of the car.

The dangerous act of a white car driven by a priest begins immediately after coming out of the parking lot along the road.

The priest suddenly suddenly applied the brakes and then began to move slowly and stopped suddenly, opening up the door, leaning forward and staring behind.

After that, the car speeds up and moves forward, but when it stops at the intersection, the resident opens the doors and shouts at the next car.

Then, after 10 seconds of a whispering voice of “what?” Or “noisy”, the priest returned to his car. The car started to move again, but after that, you can see how it repeatedly brakes suddenly.

National Police Agency Commissioner “Aori driving is extremely vicious”

Regarding the incident where 43-year-old men were arrested for driving on an expressway in Ibaraki Prefecture and injuring a man, etc. Is an extremely malicious act that intentionally creates a danger to traffic, and is working to strengthen enforcement, including the application of criminal law, and thorough prompt administrative disposition. "We want to take prompt action and promote such efforts to deter malicious and dangerous driving."