A police officer rushed to the 110th report suspected of stealing at the scene Hyogo Aug. 21 20:44

A police officer at the Takarazuka Police Station in Hyogo Prefecture was arrested for stealing cash from a related person's car at the scene rushed to the 110th report.

Arrested was Susumu Tsujii (27), the chief of the police at the Takarazuka Police Station.

According to the police, in May, when they received the 110th report that there was a problem and rushed to the parking lot in Takarazuka city, they allegedly stole 60,000 yen in cash from a man's acquaintance's car Is held.

Mr. Sakurai said that when the man left the site, he took the car key, found a cash envelope inside the car, and extracted a part of it.

It means that the investigation is accused.

“The police officer was arrested and regrettable that the police officer was arrested and we will investigate the facts and deal with it rigorously,” commented Masaki Kitayama, the head of the Hyogo Prefectural Police Headquarters.