• Lost French tourist: solidarity race, many volunteers for Simon Gautier
  • Also planes and drones to find Simon Gautier. The mother of the missing hiker: "Help me"
  • Between ridges and crevasses overlooking the sea: race against time to find Simon Gautier alive


August 18, 2019 Simon Gautier, the young French hiker lost in the last few days in the Cilento region, was found dead in a ravine. The body of the hiker was identified by the men of the mountain rescue in an area of ​​Belvedere di Ciolandrea, in the municipality of San Giovanni a Piro, in the province of Salerno.

His traces were lost nine days ago in Cilento. A race against time had taken place: research on an area of ​​143 square kilometers between the territories of Policastro, Scario and Punta degli Infreschi. Areas with crevasses and inaccessible paths that are not easy to reach.

In addition to the official teams of rescuers, it was the volunteers who patrolled, even with the help of drones, the many hilly paths of the Gulf of Policastro.

The call to 112: "I'm dying of pain"
The young man, who was injured during a solo excursion, had alerted relief efforts on August 9th with a desperate appeal to 112. "I am dying of pain, I fell into a cliff, I have broken legs, help me, I see the sea but I don't know where I am. "