• Trade war: Trump raises the war of duties against China


August 13, 2019The United States will postpone at least until December 15 the additional 10% duties on some Made in China products. This was stated by the office of the American trade representative, stressing that the duties of "cell phones, laptops, video game consoles, some toys, computer monitors and some types of shoes and clothing" will be postponed.

The Trump administration does not offer explanations about the postponement: the decision "falls within the scope of the trial" launched to consult the public, merely says. The duties should have come into force on September 1 while now, for some products, they slip to December 15th. The delay offers a breath of fresh air to the negotiations between Washington and Beijing after the last meeting in Shanghai ended in a stalemate.

The Chinese delegation is expected in Washington in early September for a new round of meetings and this offers the opportunity to reach an agreement and avoid the entry into force of the duties altogether.