The heat wave is cool and cool. Ocicles appear at Okayama Station. August 10, 12:36

A 50 cm high ice pillar was installed at JR Okayama Station to make the homecoming guests feel cool in the hot weather.

The JR West Okayama branch office has ice pillars at stations at this time every year so that the returnees of Obon can feel cool. it was done.

Among them, at JR Okayama Station, an ice pillar with a height of 50 cm and a width and depth of 30 cm was visible near the Shinkansen ticket gate.

There are about 40 toys in the ice, such as a model of the Shinkansen.

In front of the ice, a lot of parents and children gathered during the summer vacation and had a good time watching the cool ice and taking pictures.

The children were also trying to melt the ice by touching them with their hands saying “cold” to get the toys they wanted.

This ice pillar with toys will be installed at JR Okayama Station on the 11th.