The man has exposed his beloved wife to, among other things, pushes, blows, larynx and other forms of women's peace. The events occurred at 2016, 2018 and 2019.

On one of the occasions, a relative of the former wife became a witness when the man held a knife to the throat of the former wife and threatened to kill her. The man has also threatened to take his own life in front of the woman.

Sentenced to imprisonment and damages

The man, who hails from Falkenberg, has been abusing amphetamines since the age of 13 and states that he can become destructive when drinking.

Varberg's district court assesses the crimes as serious when there are repeated crimes against the same person, whom the man has previously been convicted of for crimes. And because it happened to young children, and in a home environment where the plaintiff has the right to feel safe.

He is now sentenced to one year and eight months in prison for gross violation of women. He is also sentenced to pay damages of SEK 55,000 to his ex-wife and SEK 20,000 to the next of kin.