Three citizens have devised a waste management system that helps develop their utilization plans and increase their recycling rates, using the "Internet Objects" technology to link the data of waste containers of homes and buildings with central systems, allowing analysis of data on waste quantities and quality and recycling operations for each region.

Eng. Nadia Al Shezawi told Emirates Al Youm that she and her sister, Aisha Al Nuaimi, and her sister Dr. Najeeba Al Shezawi, have created an integrated smart system for waste and waste management. The project won the first place in the "Internet Pioneers of Things and Artificial Intelligence" competition launched by Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company , In collaboration with the UAE's 5th Generation Innovation Portal, supported by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority and the Dubai Technology Center for Entrepreneurship (DITEC) of the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. The project, which was developed and fully developed in the UAE, Tih benefit from the remnants of homes and institutions across the data are linked automatically waste containers through the chip «barcode» smart base, communicates with sensors and reading devices that are waste by buses to provide transport, is to provide accurate data on waste quantities at regular intervals.