Tuesday will be a sunny day with temperatures rising to tropical heights. The maximum temperature is around 33 degrees.

The sun shines all day on Tuesday. In the afternoon the maximum temperatures in the Netherlands can vary between 30 and 33 degrees.

There is also a light to moderate wind from the south. Temperatures can drop on the coast due to cooler sea winds.

The temperatures remain high in the coming days. It is also very sunny on Wednesday and Thursday. The maximum temperatures can then even exceed 35 degrees.

Heat protocol in effect

The Dutch heat protocol will apply from Tuesday morning. This means that motorists who are on the road with a breakdown can be helped immediately. A recovery company then takes the stranded motorist to a safe place such as a gas station.

Next 5 days Max Min. Wind
Wednesday 35 ° 19 ° SO 3
Thursday 37 ° 22 ° SO 3
Friday 35 ° 23 ° W 4
Saturday 24 ° 18 ° W 3
Sunday 23 ° 16 ° WNW 3