“It is very difficult to speculate on the actions of a fairly expressive president of the United States, he often behaves inconsistently. But in this decision, I see a certain logic. It lies in the fact that Trump unexpectedly faced a very tough position of the Turkish leadership and President Erdogan personally, ”said the senator.

According to Kosachev, Donald Trump is used to the fact that the United States can talk with everyone not equally and patronically.

“The Turkish leader made it clear: if Washington is not ready to act as an ally with respect to Ankara, then Ankara will not be. This is for Trump a new situation, he is confused and does not know how to behave. Because of this, such a pause is taken. Nevertheless, I think this is not the last decision in the plot of US-Turkish relations, ”he said.

Earlier, Trump said that at the moment he is not considering sanctions against Turkey in connection with the purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 by Ankara.