Nuremberg: Three women severely injured in knife attacks

In Nuremberg there have been several knife attacks, three women were injured. Whether it is the same perpetrator is so far unclear. The murder commission determined.

In knife attacks on Thursday evening in Nuremberg district St. Johannis three women were seriously injured. It can not be ruled out that it could have been the same perpetrator in all three cases, the police said in the night of Friday.

The Nuremberg murder commission commenced the investigation. Among other things, the police searched for the perpetrator or the perpetrators with tracking dogs and a police helicopter. There were initially different descriptions of perpetrators.

The first incident occurred, according to police at 19.20 clock. An unknown person stabbed a 56-year-old woman and injured her upper body. Against 22.45 clock then it came to another knife attack on a 26-year-old. Shortly thereafter, a 34-year-old woman was also injured by knife wounds, police said.

The women suffered life-threatening injuries and had to be operated on. "Nothing is known about the current state of health of the victims at present," it says in the message of the police headquarters Middle Franconia.


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