Nuremberg: knife attacks on three women

The police are looking for three knife attacks in Nuremberg district St. Johannis with numerous forces after the perpetrator. Residents continue to urge them to be careful, the perpetrator could "continue to be armed".

The investigators in Middle Franconia search with high pressure for an attacker who should have stabbed three women in Nuremberg. "Please be careful, the offender could still be armed with a knife," the officials said. In addition to patrolmen civil servants were in use, residents were questioned. A special commission has been set up.

After the three knife attacks in Nuremberg's St. Johannis district, the women are now out of danger. "According to the doctors treating the treatments of the three victims were successful," said the police. All three women had to be operated on Thursday evening in the course of the attack.

Police meanwhile go from single offenders

The investigators want to interview the victims of the stab attacks if possible on Friday. From them, the police hope for important clues to the perpetrator, who is still on the run. The search in the night with a helicopter and police dogs was unsuccessful. On Twitter, the police now published a description of the accordingly dark-blond suspect with three days beard:

#UPDATE # Johannis # offender description:
male, about 25-30 years old, 175-180cm tall, normal build, blonde to dark blonde hair, light complexion, three-day beard, there are currently different statements about clothing.

If necessary please dial #Notruf 110.

- Police Central Franconia (@PolizeiMFR) December 14, 2018

Two 26- and 34-year-old women were critically injured in the evening by bites, a 56-year-old female pedestrian was seriously injured. The crime scenes were only a few hundred meters apart.

The first incident occurred, according to police at 19.20 clock. In the meantime, a man came to meet a 56-year-old pedestrian and stabbed her in the upper body. At around 10.45 pm, it was just a few blocks further to another knife attack on a 26-year-old, who was just running home. Shortly thereafter, a 34-year-old woman was also injured by knife wounds.

The relationship between the attacks in detail is still unclear. At first, there were different descriptions of perpetrators of the women. Meanwhile, the police write but only by an attacker. The victims did not know each other again.

The police have no evidence of a terrorist background. The police wants to inform at a press conference at 13 o'clock about further details to the case.

ref: spiegel

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