Nuremberg: knife attacks on three women

"We are working with strong forces": The police are also looking for the second day after the knife attacks of Nuremberg with a large contingent for the perpetrator. The officials hope for witnesses.

The special commission "Johannis" is under pressure: After the brutal stab wounds on three women in Nuremberg, the investigators are still looking for the culprit. "We are also on the night with strong forces in action," said the police Mittelfranken.

Policemen checked several people, a police spokeswoman said. The officials also arrest people in order to carry out the necessary measures. "That's normal investigative work," she said. According to a spokesman, people have been checked who could look similar to what they were looking for - because so far there is only a vague description of him.

The unknown perpetrator had attacked the women in the Nuremberg district of St. Johannis on Thursday evening within three and a half hours, apparently indiscriminately. The crime scenes were only a few hundred meters apart.

"Territory is increasingly monitored"

Two 26 and 34 year old women were temporarily in mortal danger. She and the third victim, a 56-year-old pedestrian, had to be operated on. According to Roman Fertinger police chief Roman Fertinger, the unmediated attacks hit "people on their way home".

At a press conference he also complained of a massive increase in knife attacks in his area of ​​responsibility. Whether the Nuremberg numbers reflect a nationwide trend, however, can not be said.


Police chief Fertinger

Also on the night of Saturday, the search for the man continued. "The area is increasingly monitored," said the police spokesman. In the course of Friday afternoon, numerous residents were questioned about the attacks. The 40-member special commission "Johannis" and a senior staff in the police headquarters lead the mission.

According to the description of the victim first attacked, the suspect is supposed to be a dark blond man with a three-day beard: 25 to 30 years old, 1.75 to 1.80 meters tall, of normal stature. A man matching the perpetrator's description fled from a police patrol.

The officials warned, "Please be careful, the offender could still be armed with a knife." In the meantime, every trace of the murder weapon is missing.

A connection between perpetrator and victims, there are according to initial findings of the police. The man probably chose her by accident and did not speak about the deeds. The officials have not yet any evidence of a terrorist background. The prosecutor's office assumes that all three cases of attempted murder.

ref: spiegel

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