It remains stormy in Germany

"Like on a highway" rushing low pressure areas to Germany: After "Eberhard" and "Gebhard" brings "Heinz" clouds, rain and a lot of wind.

The weather will not calm down in the next few days: "Low pressure areas continue to rustle like on a highway from the North Atlantic over the North Sea to Germany," said Helge Tuschy, meteorologist of the German Weather Service (DWD).

On Friday brings "Heinz" dense clouds, rain and stormy wind. Especially in the north of Germany threaten storm squalls, on the coasts even heavy squalls.

The temperatures reached on Friday maximums between seven and 13 degrees. Clouds cover the sky throughout Germany, in many places it is raining. On the night of Saturday, the rain stops, only in a strip from the Lower Rhine to the Bavarian Forest it should rain. In the mountains, the temperatures fall to zero degrees, otherwise they are between two and eight degrees.

On weekends it stays mostly dry in southern Germany, south of the Danube and in southern Baden even the sun shines. In Munich, temperatures rise to a mild 18 degrees on Saturday. In the north, the sun is rarely seen. It can rain again and again at temperatures of up to ten degrees. According to the meteorologists also threatened at weekends across the country strong gusts, in the mountains and heavy storm gusts. "Especially in the west and north, the weather is stormy," said DWD meteorologist Tuschy.

On Wednesday, five people were injured and dozens of homes were damaged in a tornado in the Eifel community Roetgen. The German Weather Service (DWD) confirmed that it was a tornado. "Such wind chimes are rare, but can arise again and again," said a DWD spokeswoman. According to a first preliminary analysis of the Tornado Working Group Germany, the Windhose reached at least temporarily wind speeds of more than 180 kilometers per hour.

ref: spiegel