Investigators discover record amounts of cocaine in the port of Rotterdam

Three times as many as in the previous year: In 2018, investigators found a total of 19 tonnes of cocaine in the port of Rotterdam. The investigators put a lot of drugs out of circulation at Christmas time.

Dutch investigators secured a record amount of cocaine in the port of Rotterdam last year. In total, about 19 tons of the drug were found, about three times as much as in the previous year. This was reported by the prosecutor in the port city.

In December alone four tons of cocaine were found, it was said. In addition, the investigators discovered accordingly 3378 kilograms of hashish, 241 kilograms of marijuana and 58 kilograms of heroin.

The loads came mainly from South America. Particularly spectacular was according to the findings of the find of 1300 kilograms of cocaine that smugglers had hidden between frozen chicken liver. This charge alone would have had a sales value of about 30 million euros.

ref: spiegel