Caregivers are said to have bathed the coma patient too hot

In Hamburg, a wax coma patient has died. Presumably, the nurses did not notice that the water was too hot. The cause could be a technical defect.

In a nursing home in Hamburg, a 47-year-old sentientoma patient was probably scalded while bathing and later died. Now the prosecutor investigates. "There are currently investigating the cause of death.The case is currently still at the Institute of Legal Medicine," said a spokeswoman for the Hamburg prosecutor.

There will now be carried out an autopsy. Only then will a decision be made as to whether to investigate the nursing staff.

Previously, the "Hamburger Morgenpost" reported. As a result, two employees of an intensive care center had taken bath water for the woman two weeks ago and also checked the temperature for it.

A little later, the woman was put in the bathtub with a lift. In the meantime, the center is said to have run after so much hot water because of a technical defect that the water in the tub was too hot.

Unfortunately, the nurse did not notice this until her hand touched the surface of the water with the resident's head supported, said the managing director of the care center, Michael Schreiner, in a written statement. The staff immediately called the ambulance. The 47-year-old came to a special clinic with severe scalding. Last Friday, the woman died.

ref: spiegel