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AfD-Talk at "Maischberger": "Systematic pouring out of hatred and hate speech"


Does the AfD threaten democracy? Sandra Maischberger wanted to discuss this with her guests. But the chaotic round was torn in a tormenting interpretation of right provocative rhetoric.

The defensive maneuver of the evening: The procedure of the protection of the constitution was "democratically theoretically unspeakable" and aimed at "stigmatizing us" declared the beginning AfD chairman Alexander Gauland. He complained that the domestic intelligence service has made public that he considers the entire party as a "test case" and even wants to watch parts of it. While the underlying confidential 436-page opinion some media (including the SPIEGEL), he has not and therefore do not know what he is accused.

While SPIEGEL editor Melanie Amann expressed for this point understanding, demanded NRW Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul (CDU), Gauland should "not distract": "guilt is not the protection of the Constitution, but those who make appropriate statements." The former ZDF presenter and today's columnist Wolfgang Herles ("Tichy's Insight") was of the opinion that a party would be "pilloried", although after all that he had read, "not yet emanate from a hostility to the Constitution." ,

On the other hand, the left-wing leader Katja Kipping found that the AfD stigmatized itself: "You keep your hand permanently protecting Nazis like humps in your party," she accused Gauland.

The oblique alliance of the evening: Although they are not friends, stated Kipping and Gauland, but both against a constitutional protection observation of each other. Kipping pleaded for it, one must put the AfD "politically".

The structural analysis of the evening: If one looks at the overall picture of the statements made in the constitution protection report and the development of the party, SPIEGEL editor Amann found an observation was well justified: "Then one notices a radicalization and recognizes systematic taboos, the lead to marginalization of minorities. " Specifically, Muslims and refugees would be flatly condemned and humiliated, "in a way that really has nothing to do with democratic conflict". It is characteristic for the AfD, "to see the political opponent as an enemy, which is demonized and delegitimiert". This "systematic spreading of hate and hate speech" on the opponent is a fundamental problem.

"Radicalization and systematic taboo breaks!"
That's why for @MelAmann the explanation of the #AfD # test case by the #Verfassungsschutz was no surprise. # Maischberger @The first

- Maischberger (@maischberger) January 23, 2019

Katja Kipping pointed out that it was an AfD-trick to "always follow the thoughtful back row" on the deliberate provocation.

The conspiracy theories of the evening: "That this report comes now, of course, is aimed at an effect," speculated Wolfgang Herles and thought that a part of the bourgeois voters could "quite impressed by the European elections and the upcoming state elections. This was Melanie Amann in the realm of conspiracy theories, especially since the report was still under the direction of the former chief of office Hans -Georg Maaßen was created, which was not considered particularly AfD-critical.

Later the term conspiracy theory fell again: CDU man Reul used it, as Alexander Gauland claimed, the majority of the parties in the Bundestag - apart from parts of CDU and FDP - wanted the dissolution of the German national state and quasi the abolition of the Germans.

The dropout of the evening: To show that the AfD was not right from the beginning, but has developed over the years in this direction, joined the former chairman of the Hamburg AfD group, Jörn Kruse, to the round. The retired economics professor, who has since withdrawn from the party, criticized Gauland that this had not more clearly denounced the alliance of AfD politicians with right-wing radicals at a demonstration in Chemnitz - weakened the effect of his statements, however, again by the often Thüringer "wing" front man Björn Höcke described as "a right-hander who is hung much too high".

more on the subject

Constitutional protection report on AfDDiffamierend, anti-Semitic, racist

The trivialization of the evening: After recording of Höcke speech excerpts ("It can not be ruled out that foreign tribes will roam through our abandoned libraries, concert halls, universities and parliament buildings in 50 years ..."), Gauland explained that his party friend basically had "that expressed what Helmut Kohl once called the spiritual-moral turn ". It is about "political rhetoric". Incidentally Höcke was "no Nazi" and also not with the NPD author Landolf Ladig identical (which the Constitutional Protection Report goes out), but only a "national romantic" who has an "exaggerated love for this country". "It's like satire, what you're doing here," Melanie Amann said.

Video: Constitutional Protection decides - The AfD becomes the test case



The omission of the evening: Not a word was the latest AFD provocation mentioned: that yesterday a large part of the AFD delegates in the Bavarian state parliament at a memorial service for the victims of National Socialism left the room, because Charlotte Knobloch, former President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany had found clear words. "Today and here there is a party that (... ...) downplayed the crimes of the National Socialists and maintained close ties to the extreme right-wing milieu." The party bases its policy on hatred and exclusion and "not only for me is not on the ground of our Constitution".

Source: spiegel

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