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Mickey is back in a new comic strip.

Entitled "The Return of the Mouse of the Future", it is an update of four short films from the 1930s. Something to please young and old alike.

Mickey and his friends are back in comics.

If January 1, 2024 plunged its first drawn version into the public domain, Walt Disney's famous mouse has not said its last word, the proof with a new unpublished comic book, entitled

The Return of the Mouse from the Future

(ed. Glénat), directly inspired by Mickey short films released in the 1930s, and brought up to date.

Boat Builders


Mickey's Trailer


Clock Cleaners


Thru the Mirror

, four short films featuring Mickey and his friends and produced from 1936 to 1938. To pay tribute to the centenary of Walt Disney Studios, it was decided to use the scenarios from his cult cartoons, and entrust them to the cream of the Disney team to make a comic book.

Updated stories

The result is ultra-dynamic modernity, the stories are updated.

So in the cartoon

Clock Cleaners,

 Goofy and co clean clocks, there in the comic book

Return of the Mouse from the Future

, they polish robots.


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The gags have not aged a bit and will delight readers of Mickey's diary which will celebrate its 90th anniversary next October as well as the youngest.

Mickey is the first character in cartoon history to have spoken, and clearly, he still has things to say.