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Taylor Swift performing in Australia: Fans can also let off steam in London

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What's the deal with the friendship bracelets that "Swifties", i.e. fans of Taylor Swift, exchange with each other?

Brits who want to answer questions like these off the cuff should now apply for a superfan position at London's Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A).

The museum in the Kensington district is one of the best-known exhibition halls in London and is regularly dedicated to pop culture topics, for example with a show about divas such as Tina Turner and Whitney Houston.

In order to be prepared for the younger generation, the cultural institution has now advertised several positions to place the 2.8 million exhibits in the collection in new contexts.

The energy of “Swifties”

The search for a Taylor Swift superfan generates the most attention.

The American (34) is one of the most successful musicians in the world, not least thanks to tireless fan work.

The pop star not only manages to fill stadiums around the world on her current concert tour, but has also turned the world of American football on its head with her relationship with player Travis Kelce.

The museum now wants to capture this energy.

However, there is no permanent position: the superfans are only paid for taking part in the board of trustees meetings, and travel expenses are only reimbursed within a “reasonable framework”.

The museum management is apparently counting on the fact that the chance to get close to the idol will attract many applications.

Various other pop culture phenomena will also be illuminated by freelance curators: We are still looking for super fans of Crocs, emojis, drag culture and the textile processing technique tufting.

Fans of Lego and Pokémon trading cards, however, are too late: these superfan positions have already been filled by the Victoria and Albert Museum.