Where - with bombs, and where - with tanks, the Israeli army drove 1.5 million Palestinians into a corner at the very edge of the Gaza Strip, on the border of the Sinai Desert, in Rafah/Rafiyah. They have no food, no water, no medicine, no roof over their heads. 30 thousand, mostly women and children, have already definitely died, how many more will die and how many will survive - only God knows. They declare that they are going to invade Rafah/Rafiyah. Mass executions do not stop them. The world saw videos filmed in Gaza, and in them, Palestinians stripped naked. What will happen in Rafah is a horror that has never been seen on your phone screens.

The US opposes ceasefire, truce and peace. There are no innocent children in Gaza, US senators say. President Biden, who calls himself a “Zionist,” also supports this idea. However, his rivals—presidential contenders Trump and Kennedy Jr.—also support Israel. The United States has already vetoed draft Security Council resolutions on Rafah several times, the last one today (Tuesday). But the Muslim Ramadan/Ramadan is approaching, which will begin on March 10.

Therefore, they write in Israeli newspapers, the United States will propose its own resolution on Rafah, one that will not lead to peace. Israeli politicians are not afraid of the American resolution - the United States obediently fulfills all Israeli requests. The US is the good cop, and Israel is the evil one. Before Ramadan, it's time for a good cop.

During Ramadan and in the run-up to it, feelings of solidarity are strong in Islamic countries. They are also strong in Egypt, a large Arab country with a population of one hundred million, bordering Rafah. Egypt is connected with Israel by a peace treaty that was concluded many years ago, in 1979, during the time of Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. This agreement at one time caused great indignation in Arab countries, and in particular in Egypt. President Anwar al-Sadat was quickly assassinated by the Egyptian military, but the treaty did not collapse. The world remained cold, but preserved. Under this agreement, Israel does not have the right to send troops to the Philadelphia route along the border and to Rafah, which closes this route. Remembering this point of the agreement, Egyptian President Field Marshal al-Sisi allegedly spoke about the possibility of breaking the peace treaty, but soon declared that the agreement would not be violated by Egypt, although Israel was not advised to violate it.

However, Egypt is expected to file a note with the International Court of Justice regarding Israel's actions in Palestine. It will probably be considered simultaneously with a number of other notes that raise the topic of the criminality of the occupation.

However, Israel is not afraid of anyone or anything and believes that Egypt will not dare to violate the agreement concluded with American help and mediation.

Israel's arguments are as follows: on Israel's side is the United States, the hegemon and the most powerful power in the world, Egypt is in debt like silk, the population there is large, and it needs to be fed. El-Sisi came to power as a result of a military coup and will not risk putting his power in danger.

Therefore, it is quite possible that Israel will still strike Rafah. He is still bombing this city, and it is difficult to say with certainty whether a ground attack will be carried out.

While the US is trying to achieve peace for Israel, the kind of peace that the Arabs could accept. But this does not work out - all US plans run into Israeli stubbornness. The Palestinian rebels hoped that Israel would try to rescue its prisoners, but they were deceived. The Israeli authorities, in my opinion, are not at all concerned about the life and health of their prisoners. They proceed from the “Hannibal Doctrine,” according to which if Israeli people are captured, they can be killed along with the militants who captured them. Many of those killed in the Hamas attack on October 7 last year were killed by Israel's application of this doctrine. Many prisoners also died during Israeli bombing of buildings and underground structures in the Gaza Strip, and now there are no more than 100 people left alive, and maybe less. The Israeli military cabinet does not agree to either a truce or an exchange of prisoners. Moreover, the cabinet decided not to allow Palestinian worshipers into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the main Muslim shrine in Palestine, located in East Jerusalem. This also does not help to calm down. Yes, Israel does not want calm - it wants war. And like many warmongers, he may miscalculate.

Russia has always been for peace in the Holy Land. For two separate states: one Jewish and one Palestinian, Arab. This point of view was also shared by the Soviet Union, and it was inherited by the Russian Federation. Therefore, at one time, Moscow was against the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt - it could have been foreseen that without resolving the Palestinian issue, peace with Egypt could not be lasting. However, while US hegemony has weakened, but not collapsed, it is still holding on. Prime Minister Netanyahu has driven himself into a difficult position - he is opposed by both far-right extremists and the “deep state.” In my opinion, making peace for him is a direct path to prison. Therefore, he does not agree to truce options.

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