"Although I have not traveled extensively, I have traveled to more than a dozen provinces from Liaodong in the north to Baiyue in the south. I believe that Qingdao is the place that really makes people want to go." Liang Shiqiu, a literary master, said in "Remembering Qingdao" Evaluation of Qingdao, Shandong.

  With Laoshan Mountain at its back and the Yellow Sea facing the Yellow Sea, Qingdao, a coastal city located at the southern tip of the Shandong Peninsula, has unique natural scenery and cultural customs.

Visit the lively festival

Twist and dance the cheerful Yangko dance

Climb the fairy mountain on the sea

Walk around the historic district

Enjoy the brilliant lanterns

Feed the seagulls

Try the rich seafood

Taste freshly brewed beer

Seagulls near Qingdao Zhanqiao. Photo by Wang Ziqin

  During the Spring Festival in Qingdao, everything is filled with the flavor of the New Year. With its interesting neighborhoods and colorful attractions, Qingdao is waiting to meet tourists.


good things

Appreciate folk customs and appreciate intangible cultural heritage

  In Qingdao, there is a saying that the ninth day of the lunar month is "biting the spring" and the sixteenth day "stepping on the circle".

  The so-called "biting the spring" means that if you chase the radish, you will eat the radish, and "stepping on the circle" means that if you chase the sugar ball, you will eat the sugar ball. The Carrot, Lantern Festival and Sugar Ball Party is the oldest and most popular folk event in Qingdao. It can be said that one of the ways to "start spring" in Qingdao is to visit the Carrot, Lantern Festival and Sugar Ball Party.

The lantern riddle contest at the sugar ball attracted people to stop and watch. Photo by Cui Dongni

The sweet sugar balls are a food that people rush to buy. Photo by Cui Dongni

  During this Spring Festival, the 2024 Qingdao Carrot·Yanxiao·Sugar Ball Club will be held from February 18th to February 25th. Focusing on the theme of "Fireworks, National Chaozhou, Shibei Love", the Qingdao Radish·Lantern Festival·Sugar Ball Club will set up two venues. Four major sections were launched: "Xinian Hui", "National Trend Hui", "Hundred Arts Hui" and "Good Market Hui", with a total of 43 theme activities and more than 200 community folk cultural activities.

The handicrafts at the Sugar Ball Party are highly favored by the public. Photo by Cui Dongni

  After eating radish, yuanxiao, and sugar balls,

  How can I not gain weight?

  The answer is to follow the cheerful gongs and drums,

  Perform a lively Jiaozhou Yangko dance.

  "In the Xinghua Village of the Green Yangcheng City, people are gathered arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder. Fans, shadows and fragrant clothes make people drunk, and music and music surround a group of spring." Song Guanwei, a Jinshi during the Xianfeng period of the Qing Dynasty and a native of Jiaozhou, Qingdao, Shandong, left a poem describing what he saw The grand occasion of Jiaozhou Yangko was that year.

The joyful and lively Jiaozhou Yangko. Photo by Chen Long

  Entering a new era, Jiaozhou Yangko remains everlasting.

  As a national intangible cultural heritage, the Jiaozhou Yangko with a history of more than 300 years has now formed the rhythmic characteristics of "strong men and soft women, spiral swings, three bends, nine movements and eighteen states".

  During this Spring Festival, Jiaozhou, the "Hometown of Chinese Yangko", held a "New Year Yangko Festival" and organized local urban and rural Yangko teams to "celebrate the New Year happily."

Jiaozhou Yangko is a "must-have skill" that local people have mastered since childhood. Photo by Chen Long

Jiaozhou City will hold the "New Year Yangko Festival" this spring. Photo by Chen Long


beautiful scenery

Climb Mount Xian and visit the old city

  In addition to beautiful things, Qingdao’s beautiful scenery is also not to be missed. Qingdao Laoshan, located on the coast of the Yellow Sea in the southern part of the Shandong Peninsula, is the highest peak on the coastline of mainland China.

  Laoshan Mountain has beautiful scenery. The highest peak is 1132.7 meters above sea level. It is called Jufeng, also known as Laoding. It is characterized by high and steep. Climbing high and looking far into the distance during the New Year, Laoshan, known as “the most famous mountain on the sea”, is obviously an excellent choice.

Laoshan Scenic Spots in Winter Photo courtesy of Laoshan Scenic Area Management Committee

Star-catching pavilion on the giant peak of Laoshan Mountain Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Laoshan District Committee

  This Spring Festival, Laoshan has prepared a rich "cultural feast" for the public, holding Laoshan folk culture performances, intangible cultural heritage project experiences, special agricultural and sideline products exhibitions, "Wearing Hanfu to pursue ancient customs" themed activities, New Year's "scratch-off" activities, etc., allowing the public to In the festive and lively atmosphere, you can feel the rich history and folk culture of Laoshan.

Laoshan has prepared a rich "cultural feast" for the people. Photo courtesy of Laoshan Scenic Area Management Committee

  In addition to climbing high and looking far, it is also a good idea to take a popular City walk in the Dabaodao Cultural and Leisure Street in Shibei District, Qingdao City.

There is an endless stream of tourists checking in at the Dabao Island Cultural and Leisure Street. Photo by Cui Dongni

  As a symbol of modern Qingdao residences, courtyards are an important component of Qingdao’s “red tiles and green trees” urban landscape and characteristic urban texture. The Dabaodao Cultural and Leisure District is a cluster of courtyards.

  Combining the "chuanli culture" and "chuanyuan culture" between old liyuan, this block creates a new style of liyuan life experience scene to recreate the vitality of the old city.

  The cultural and leisure district of Dabao Island is "full of New Year flavors". The neighborhood has launched the "New Year Wanderings of Da Bao Island" activity, which spans multiple festivals such as the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival. It uses the blend of "fireworks" and "new trendy taste" to gather more than 200 merchants to create an immersive experience for the public. new experiences and new scenes.

Red lanterns light up the streets in the Dabao Island Cultural and Leisure District. Photo by Cui Dongni


beautiful scenery

Feed the seagulls and watch the lanterns

  Thanks to the local "Seagull Retention Operation" for nearly 30 years, there are now more than 100,000 seagulls overwintering in Qingdao every year. Because of this, walking along the coastline and feeding seagulls is Qingdao's "exclusive romance" ".

Tourists take photos of seagulls on Qingdao Zhanqiao. Photo by Wang Ziqin

  Seagulls fly and tourists laugh. In Qingdao today, the picture of harmonious coexistence between man and nature is gradually being drawn, and "feeding seagulls" has become a local "repertoire".

  The best place to feed seagulls in Qingdao is along the coast in Shinan District, Qingdao City. Recently, Shinan District also launched the "Qingdao's First Seagull Cultural Festival".

  In addition, in addition to the regular onshore "feeding seagulls" method, people can also take the "Chasing Gulls and Waves" launched by Qingdao Tourism Group to go out to sea and take a cruise ship to experience the beauty of "people and gulls dancing together" at sea.

Qingdao's "Chasing Gulls and Waves" cruise ship. Photo courtesy of Qingdao Tourism Group

People take boats to experience the beauty of "people and gulls dancing together" on the sea. Photo courtesy of Qingdao Tourism Group

  If Qingdao during the day is unforgettable, then Qingdao at night is dazzling.

  As the host of the Qingdao International Beer Festival, the Golden Beach Beer City located in the West Coast New District of Qingdao is the largest beer-themed plaza in Asia.

  The lanterns are dazzling to welcome the New Year, and the groups of lanterns at Jinshatan Beer City are gorgeous and dazzling, filling the festive atmosphere.

The lanterns at Golden Beach Beer City are dazzling. Photo courtesy of Huangfa Group

  This Spring Festival, Golden Beach Beer City holds a New Year Lantern Festival, as well as markets, performances, food, sports and other colorful entertainment projects.

  Among the series of activities, performances include the New Year Electronic Music Festival, which invites well-known bands to perform, as well as "intangible cultural heritage" ironwork performances; sports and entertainment include snow sports, bumper cars, pirate ships, etc.

Dragon element lanterns in Golden Beach Beer City. Photo courtesy of Huangfa Group

  In addition to the Golden Beach Beer City, the Jimo Ancient City located in Jimo District, Qingdao City also has many projects arranged during the Spring Festival.

  As a famous historical and cultural city in China and one of the first batch of famous historical and cultural cities in Shandong Province, the ancient city of Jimo has a history of more than 2,500 years and has a profound cultural heritage. Nowadays, this ancient city that has gone through many vicissitudes of life is exuding new vitality and full of trendy new year flavor.

The festive atmosphere in Jimo Ancient City is full of atmosphere. Photo by Zhang Tao

  Before and after the Spring Festival, Jimo Ancient City launches a series of special activities such as "New Year Goods Fair", "New Year Temple Fair", "New Year Lantern Festival", "New Year Performing Arts", "Guessing Lantern Riddles" and "South Gate Light Show".

  During the event, in addition to a dazzling array of New Year goods, Jimo Ancient City also collected intangible cultural heritage, folk customs, handmade and other special products.

  In addition, during the Spring Festival, Jimo Ancient City also launched a series of Spring Festival performing arts programs such as drama performances, dragon and lion dances, Jimo Yangge, Mo Mavericks Parade, County Officials Parade, and County Government Melodrama Performances.

Flower viewing lanterns in the ancient city of Jimo. Photo by Zhang Tao


gourmet food

Eat seafood and drink beer

  No matter where you go, clams, a common seafood, are a popular delicacy, and according to Yu Qingdao, clams are "essential."

  On the dining tables of Qingdao people, clams have their own unique pronunciation: clams are not called gélí, but called ga(la). Qingdao people love clams, and "Having beer and eating clams" has become a local way of life.

Clams are an essential delicacy on Qingdao people’s tables. Photo courtesy of Chengyang District Propaganda Department

Plump and attractive red island clams. Photo courtesy of Chengyang District Propaganda Department

  Original clams, chilled spicy clams, clam soup, microwave clams, clam dumplings... There are many ways to cook clams in Qingdao, especially on the Spring Festival table, clams have "seventy-two changes" .

  In order to seek "good luck" in the New Year, many Qingdao people will develop creative dishes using clams as the main raw material, such as clam chicken named "Super Awesome" and "Super Lucky".

  Speaking of clams, we have to mention Qingdao’s beer. As the “golden partner”, various beers always appear together with clams in Qingdao.

  When people in Qingdao drink beer, they don’t call it “he” but “há”. People in Qingdao often say that there are two kinds of foam locally, one comes from the sea and is formed by waves, and the other is beer foam.

Beer is essential on the Qingdao people’s table. Photo courtesy of Tsingtao Beer

People can drink directly from the beer production line. Photo courtesy of Tsingtao Beer

  Qingdao's beer has two characteristics. One is "various". For example, the 1903 Time Craft Brewery located in Qingdao's West Coast New District has 24 flavors of beer with different production techniques. The second characteristic of Qingdao's beer is its "freshness". In Qingdao, if you want to drink beer, you can pick up a cup and pick it up directly from the beer production line.

There are many types of beer in Qingdao. Photo courtesy of Tsingtao Beer

  There are beautiful things, beautiful scenery, beautiful scenery, and delicious food. However, the beauty of Qingdao is far more than that. Qingdao is beautiful in all kinds of ways, and the beauty is not the same. The more beauty in Qingdao, you need to find and experience it in person.

  Let’s go on a “beauty-seeking trip” at the drop of a hat!

  Welcome to Qingdao!