The fourth game of the "Osho Tournament", one of the eight major shogi titles, has begun in Tokyo, and whether Sota Fujii (21), who has won three consecutive games so far, will decide to defend his title, or the challenger, Tatsuya Sugai (8-dan), will decide to defend his title. It will be interesting to see if 31) returns with one win.

The 4th game of the 7th match of the ``Oshosen'' was held in Tachikawa City, Tokyo, and the challenger, Sugai 8-dan, entered the game room first, followed by Fujii 8-dan, who sat in front of the board.

The game started at 9:00 a.m. When the first player, Fujii Hakkan, took a sip of tea and poked the rook ahead of him, Sugai Hachidan moved his step to open a corner and move the rook to the side using his specialty, the "furi rook." I responded with a fighting style.

According to the Japan Shogi Federation, Hakkan Fujii earned a record 186.34 million yen in prize money and game fees over the past year, ranking him at the top among all shogi players.

This title match is Fujii Hakkan's first defense match this year, and he has won three consecutive matches so far, and is on the verge of defending his title and winning the "Osho Tournament" for the third time in a row.

On the other hand, 8-dan Sugai will be hoping to win his first ``Osho'' title in this match, which will be his first humiliation since last year's ``Eio'' match, where he lost to ``Fujii Hakkan.''

The winner of the fourth game is expected to be decided on the afternoon of the 8th.

Fujii Eight Crowns Earned Prize Money and Game Fees Top for Two Consecutive Years

According to the Japan Shogi Federation, Sota Fujii won 186.34 million yen in prize money and game fees over the past year, which was the highest among all Shogi players for the second consecutive year.

The prize money earned was more than 60 million yen more than the previous year, exceeding the 165.97 million yen won by Yoshiharu Hanyu 9-dan in 1995, and the highest ever since statistics began being kept.