A 25-year-old defendant who calls herself a ``Itadaki Joshi'' on social media and is accused of defrauding a man of over 150 million yen by making him fall in love with her has been accused of defrauding men. He was accused by the Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau of evading approximately 40 million yen in taxes by failing to declare the income he earned.

The accused is Mai Watanabe (25), who is unemployed and has no fixed residence.

Defendant Watanabe called herself ``Riri-chan,'' a girl she met on social media, made men she met through dating apps develop romantic feelings for her, and lied about being in financial trouble. He was charged with fraud and other crimes for defrauding him of more than 155 million yen, and his trial is continuing.

Of this amount, the Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau has accused Watanabe of evading income tax of approximately 40 million yen by failing to declare it by the deadline for income of approximately 110 million yen earned in the two years up to the year 2017. A complaint was filed with the Nagoya District Public Prosecutors Office on suspicion of violating the law.

The money she obtained fraudulently was used for personal entertainment expenses such as host clubs.