Beijing, June 6 ( -- "The trip to Beijing of 10 children from Yushu Children's Welfare Institute showed the pure and confident spiritual outlook of young people in ethnic minority areas. The event also demonstrated that Chinese children enjoy equal rights to education regardless of region or ethnicity, and demonstrated China's strong protection of basic human rights. ”

On June 6, Yang Tuan, a researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said this when speaking at the "Gathering Love, Delivering Warmth - Seminar on Public Welfare Activities for Youth in Ethnic Minority Areas".

Yang Tuan, researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Photo by Li Taiyuan

The public welfare activity "Sanjiangyuan, Beijing Love, Chinese Heart - Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour" was sponsored by China News Service, the People's Government of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province and the Beijing Youth Aid Headquarters, organized by China News Network and co-organized by China-Singapore Public Welfare.

In Yang Tuan's view, the success of this "Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Tour to Beijing" is also the success of China's "great public welfare".

"According to Western parlance, public welfare is public welfare, not government public welfare. But China's public welfare is different, and there are some things that are different. Yang Tuan believes that China's "great public welfare" must be a "great public welfare" jointly cooperated by the society, non-governmental and government, whether it is poverty alleviation or rural revitalization, in fact, it is a common initiative of everyone. The significance of public welfare activities is not only for society, enterprises and foundations, not only universities, but for all departments, all units and institutions, and the media industry. China's public welfare is the public welfare of the big family of China and the public welfare of the Chinese national community. All the participants in the "Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour" have a sense of home and country, and they all actively contribute their greatest energy.

"This event is an all-round public good. It is a project public welfare, a communication public welfare, and it is also a joint organization, joint participation, and even joint planning, and it is likely to create a new public welfare model of China's own. Yang Tuan said that this activity is an active practice of the media "national team" to participate in social welfare.

In this event, media reporters followed the whole process and produced a large number of high-quality communication products, which aroused enthusiastic responses at home and abroad.

In this regard, Yang Tuan said that good news dissemination must be based on content. "Public welfare is not rigid, public welfare activities have always been able to move people's heartstrings, blend scenes, should be multi-angle interaction, should be cultural, educational, and inspirational."

Yang Tuan mentioned, "How to do a good job in public welfare communication, for the mainstream media, we can sum up the experience from the success of this event." As the 'national team', standing and publicity themes are probably the most important. When the theme is chosen, it can stimulate the enthusiasm and family and country feelings of all participants, and everyone is willing to selflessly contribute their own strength. ”

"With a good theme, careful planning, you can coordinate multiple forces. This can not only lead the direction of public welfare communication, but also create a new model of China's 'great public welfare' that explores multiple scenarios and angles, and promotes the realization of 'great unity, great cooperation and great public welfare'." Yang Tuan said. (End)