An exhibition of the latest toys was held in Tokyo, and with the transition of the new corona to Class 5, many products such as toys that can be enjoyed by friends are introduced.

At the Toy Show held in Tokyo's Koto Ward, about 1000,3 toys are exhibited at about 5000,<> booths by various manufacturers.

Among them, the game where you frame your face according to the theme of "the face that cools ramen" or "the face that ate pickled plums" and guess what the expressions of the people around you are doing is a game where friends and others can gather and take off their masks and enjoy it against the backdrop of the transition to Class 5 of the new coronavirus.

In addition, the toy for examining stuffed cats was developed by combining the growing popularity of pets during the Corona disaster with children's favorite "doctor games".

In addition, there are many standard toys such as board games that relatives and friends can play together, and since they are open to the public for the first time in four years, the venue is crowded with many families.

According to the Japan Toy Association, the domestic market size of toys reached a record high of 4.9525 billion yen last fiscal year, reflecting the popularity of trading cards.

A father who visited with his children said, "I miss some of the games I played in the past, and I want to enjoy games with my parents."

The "Toy Show" is being held at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto-ku, Tokyo until the 11th.