Thierry Léger 06h17, June 10, 2023

For the fifteenth of the day in Vincennes, Thierry Léger recommends playing the numbers: 9-11-1-7-6-12-3-15.

Thierry Léger's prognosis for this afternoon's Quinté in VINCENNES.


In this Quinté reserved for trotters aged 6 to 10 years priority to the youngest with the 6 years who will start in the lead with the no 9 HELIOT DE CAHOT ideally engaged at the limit of the recoil of 25 meters, 11 HALLIX also well placed and deferred of the four feet a configuration always used wisely by his skilful coach Guillaume Gillot and 1 HE AND ME long spared and who has not Certainly not yet the gains in relation to its means.