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Charred trees in Brandenburg: 718 hectares of fire area

Photo: dpa

The forest fire near Jüterbog is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge for the emergency services. The situation had "dramatized, that's why the major damage situation was declared," said a spokesman for the operational management of the district of Teltow-Fläming on Friday evening. Initially, the RBB had reported on the new situation in Brandenburg.

According to the spokesman, the emergency services will receive support from the Federal Police and the Bundeswehr on Saturday, and then three helicopters will help extinguish the flames.

718 hectares of fire area

In the event of a major emergency, there is an "oversized use of forces and resources," the spokesman explained. The size of the fire area now amounts to 718 hectares in the previous fire area. This includes areas that have already burned as well as areas that are currently burning. But the following still applies: "No villages are threatened by the new fire either." Ten hectares have been added in an area in the direction of the Franconian Fjord.

Currently, 100 firefighters and 18 fire engines are on site, it was said in the evening. Until now, the city of Jüterbog had been in charge of operations, but now the district of Teltow-Fläming is responsible due to the major damage situation.

Fires fanned

Actually, the firefighters had hoped for an easing of tensions these days. But on Friday, a refreshing wind had fanned the fire again. There were numerous extinguished areas again in flames, had said the head of the municipal public order office Jüterbog, Christiane Lindner-Klopsch, in the afternoon.

There has been a fire in the ammunition-contaminated area since May 31. Due to the risk of explosion on the former military training area, the fire brigade cannot get directly to the sources of the fire.